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Achieve 3000

Achieve3000®, the leader in differentiated instruction. Achieve3000’s solutions—including KidBiz3000®, TeenBiz3000®, Empower3000™, and Spark3000®—provide research-proven tools that help teachers improve their students’ core literacy skills and content-area knowledge.

The Student Edition, students follow a simple 5-Step Literacy Routine that improves vocabulary, comprehension, and reading fluency as well as writing skills. During the Literacy Routine, students receive reading materials and follow-up activities that are precisely matched to their learning abilities. Each one of the five steps is based on best practices that have evolved out of decades of reading research.   

In addition, our Home Edition opens new lines of communication with parents and guardians by providing caregivers with a real-time picture of their children’s literacy progress along with tools to help them become more informed and involved. The Home Edition includes access to the 5-Step Literacy Routine, Conversation Guides to spark discussions about real-world topics, and targeted reporting tools.




Research shows that when parents/guardians are involved in their children’s learning, performance in school improves. By encouraging your students’ caregivers to sign up for their own Achieve3000 Home Edition accounts, you can help increase your students’ achievement.


Achieve3000 provides the ideal forum for establishing a three-way communication among teachers, parents, and students, for extending learning, and encouraging more time on task. To this end, Achive3000 provides families with customized setup letters, reports, and access to additional features to support literacy.

Home Edition Setup Instructions

To help families to create their own Home Edition account, print and send home the Setup Instructions.  This document provides an overview of the Home Edition resources and suggestions for families to reinforce essential literacy skills at home.  To print the Setup Instructions: 

  1. Open the menu (≡) and select Home Communications from the Reports section. 
  2. Select Home Edition Setup Instructions.
  3. Select the report options from the screen provided and click View Report.
  4. Print customized set of instructions for each student which includes the student’s name, username, and password, as well as a security code and the instructions which parents will need to set up their accounts.



Smarty Ants Reading World is a comprehensive online reading program that uses (Flash) game-based learning to help kids build their literacy muscles to become strong early readers. There are three levels to the program: PreK focuses on word sounds, blending, fluency, prosody, active listening, and comprehension; K-1 adds scaffolded story-building activities; and 2nd Grade includes decoding practice and chapter book reading in fiction and science. As they play, kids choose from among 10 or so games from the Activity Board, then travel to different parts of the Reading World, like the Ant Gym, to exercise their skills. Games are interspersed with mini-lessons, story-building activities, and other support or enrichment lessons.

An initial assessment places kids at the appropriate level to begin their program -- though teachers can override this. Then, data on kids' responses and behaviors in games, as well as throughout the site, are processed through an advanced adaptive system that constantly adjusts the learning material that comes next, as well as how much scaffolding the program provides.



Council on Accreditation and School Improvement

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