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October Student of the Month

October Student of the Month

PreK-3 Ms. Percle                                                  Philomena Pham

PreK-4 Ms. Julia                                                      Harmony Jackson                                      

PreK-4 Ms. Liz                                                         Tyrell Bailey

Kinder Ms. Bethany                                               Quinn Jeffery                                 

Kinder Ms. Slavic                                                   Craig Hudson                      

Kinder Ms. Hensley                                               Raschard Webster                                    

1st Mrs. Kirwin                                                        Cecelia McMiller                      

1st Mrs. Vaughn                                                      Micayla Hill                                                

2nd Mrs. Marcomb                                                  Mackenzy Choquette        

2nd Ms. Stephanie                                                  Dynasty Joseph                                          

3rd Ms. Mayfield                                                     Kylie Engle              

3rd Mrs. Bush                                                         Denim Ellison            

4th Mrs. Knecht                                                       Aaliyah  Robinson                                     

4th Mrs. Fonseca                                                     Adali Pichardo                    

5th Ms. Carpenter                                                   Marissa McMiller

5th Mrs. O’Neal                                                       Kaitlyn Croom                                            

6th Ms. Israel                                                          Terrance Jones, Jr.                                    

6th Ms. Pitre                                                           Jade Perniciaro                              

7th Mr. White                                                          Penelope Pichardo                                   



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