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November Student of the Month

PK 3 Ms. Liz                                     Kaden Dao

PK 4 Mrs. Charmaine                      Cecelia McMiller                                     

PK 4 Ms. Julia                                  Jaleeah Price     

K Mrs. Bethany                               Evyn Garner                                             

K Mrs. Smith                                    Justin Williams                                         

1st Mrs. Hoerner                             Gabriella Sterling                                     

1st Mrs. Vaughn                               Brayden Neal                                  

2nd Mrs. Marcomb                          Audrey Ramirez                   

2nd Ms. Mary Kate                          Ca’liyah Kelly                                  

3rd Mrs. Heather                             Caydin Kline                          

3rd Ms. Murphy                               Ryan Eschette                       

4th Mrs. Knecht                               Khanh “Tina” Le Nguyen                        

5th Ms. Israel                                   Jayden Lewis                                            

6th Ms. Riviore                                Caylia Ellsworth 

7th Mr. White                                  Tasha Gros

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