March 2014

Dear OLPS Family,

We have begun the Season of Lent, which can be described as the Struggle to Will One Thing.

That sounds simple, but,as we know, to choose ONE thing is rather difficult.

As Thomas Aquinas says, every choice is a renunciation. In fact it’s a thousand renunciations. Simply put: If you choose to marry one person, you can’t marry someone else; if you choose to live on one city, you can’t live in another; and if you choose to spend your time and energies in one place, you can’t spend them somewhere else. We can’t have it all!

Henri Nouwen once described his own struggles in choosing: I want to be a great saint, he wrote, but I also want to experience all the sensations that sinners have; I want to spend long hours in prayer, but I don’t want to miss anything on television; and I want to live in radical simplicity, but I also want to have a comfortable apartment, the freedom to travel, and all the things I need to be a professional scholar and writer. Small wonder my life is trying and tiring! It’s not easy to be single-minded, to be a saint – or to be a human being, for that matter.

But becoming a saint has a real cost: Hard choice, commitment, single-mindedness, willing the ONE thing, renouncing whatever stands in the way, and sacrificing to protect that ONE thing.

May we keep our eyes on your ONE thing and stop and nothing to live it this Lent.

God bless you,

Sr. M. Suzanne Miller, FMA