November 2014

Dear OLPS Family, 

As the Autumn wind begins, lets take a look at what has transpired in this short First Quarter of School.

Our Third Annual BooWego was a GREAT success! We totaled a bit over $7,000 in less than 4 hours!  Thanks to the teachers, the volunteers, the parents who contributed so much, and to all those who came out to support our event.  In a special way I want to ackknowledge those who spearheaded the event:  Monica Fontenette, Trunk or Treat, Missy Favalora and Paula Gomez, for the games, the prizes, securing the needed items for the Concession stand, the volunteer sign-up online, and coordinating the volunteers on the day of the BooWego, and Linda Cartner for arranging for the Police and Fire Fighters to attend our event and block off the street.  I cannot thank you enough!

The Shell Mobil Oil Unit came to OLPS.  Our Junior High students (Grades 6-7-8) had the opportunity move through 6 mobile units, where they learned about oil drilling, refining,a and transportation, as well as products from oil, and so much more.  A chemical engineer introduced the Mobile Units to each grade level.  Teachers and volunteer parents were on hand at each station assisting the students.  This hands on learning experience excited and intrigued the students, and opened their eyes to the many and varied sides of the oil industry.

Our Robotics club in in full swing, under the direction of Mr. White.  The students are eager to display their skill and inter competitions.  

We have embarked on a new discipline program, Discipline With a Purpose, where our students PreK through 8th grade are learning self-discipline skills.  It is an incredible program!  Different phases of the program will be developed over the next three years.

Added to Accelerated Reading, we now have Math Facts in a Flash, a computer-based program to help the students Kindergarten through 8th grade develop automatic recall of  math facts.  The students practice during Math Lab time and at home, and they take time tests.  The aim is to know the grade level (and beyond) facts in 60 seconds or less.

We now have 35 new computers in our Lab, including 4 more tables, allowing for more space for books and research.

We have begun an Edible Garden this year.  The Gardening Club, under the direction of Ms. Israel will be growing vegetables and herbs in the four large garden beds in the backyard of the Convent.  We look forward to the delicious treats from their gardening efforts.

We will begin OneSchool OneBook in January, It s is a powerful, highly researched, literary program where EVERYONE in our school, every student, every family, every teacher, every faculty member, every Cafeteria worker, even our maintenance crew will read the same book.  Activities abound!

God bless you,

Sr. M. Suzanne Miller, FMA